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Rustic Window Shutter Hardware, Hammered Round Head Clavos 1 1/4 inch, Unfinished Metal, CL-

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1 1/4 inch clavos hammered round head. These are not finished, they are raw metal and you will need to paint them. Spanish Mission, Mexican, Old-World Decorative nail heads. Perfect for shutters, doors, gates, furniture, frames and many woodworking projects. Your clavos will not look exactly as the pictures. These are unfinished metal and the color of the metal will vary depending on their age. On the newer ones, the weld spots are more visible. As these age, they get rustier. This is a natural process for raw metal and in no way affects their usability or value. You will need to paint these to the color of your choice for your project. We recommend a Rustoleum type of paint which will give them a good seal. Especially if you will be using these for outdoor projects such as doors, shutters, gates.... The more you buy, the more you save. Use the top pull-down menu to choose your quantity. Volume pricing is shown. Fast & Free Priority Mail or FedEx 2 day Shipping is included in the price. Order today, and your purchase will ship within 2 business days via priority mail! Normal delivery time is 1-3 days. We ship from Southeast Texas. Size may vary slightly as these are hand-forged. Clavo size is approximately 1 1/4" across the top of the nail head. Clavos strong ribbed stem averages approx. 3/4". (welded to the underside) These are hand-forged and no two are alike. These are NOT MACHINE MADE. Slight variations will occur from piece to piece. The stems are individually welded to the clavo head and may be bent slightly. Each one will not be the same placement on the head or not perfectly centered. Again, this does not affect your ability to use them properly. Please do not expect all to be perfectly centered. These are best used when wanting to restore or recreate a rustic project. These clavos may be rusty, bent a bit or off-center. If you are looking for factory produced clavos, these would not be suitable. When applying the clavos to your project, we suggest drilling a pilot hole first. Tap in with a rubber mallet. If you are going to glue or weld these, you can snip the stems off. We sell clavos in sizes of 1/4" 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", and 2". We also sell Star clavos, Texas clavos, Old World Cross clavos and other designs. These clavos have a great vintage, old-world look. They are sturdy, but mainly decorative for accents, shutters, doors, gates, furniture (not furniture tacking), frames, doors, trunks, window frames, dressers, head boards, mirrors.... These are filled with old-world charm and perfect for rustic restoration projects. SINCE THESE ARE HAND FORGED, WE OFTEN RECEIVE THE PRODUCT FROM MEXICO IN VARIOUS STAGES OF RUSTING. IF THEY HAVE MADE THEM RECENTLY , THEY WILL NOT EXHIBIT AS MUCH RUST AS IF THEY WERE MADE A MONTH AGO. INDOOR STORAGE IS VERY LIMITED IN THESE COUNTRIES AND MANY TIMES THEY ARE STORED OUTDOORS. THEY WILL BE AT DIFFERENT STAGES OF RUSTING WHEN YOU RECEIVE THEM, BUT THIS IN NO WAY IMPAIRS USABILITY, AND IS NOT A REASON FOR A RETURN, AS WE SELL THEM AS A RAW PRODUCT, AND DO NOT WISH TO GIVE YOU THE IDEA, WE ARE SELLING THEM AS A FINISHED PRODUCT. ALL CLAVOS WILL NEED A COAT OF PAINT OR SEALED IN SOME MANNER. IT IS NOT COST EFFECTIVE, TO CHANGE PICTURES FOR EVERY BATCH. IF THIS IS OF CONCERN TO YOU, PLEASE ASK US PRIOR TO SHIPPING. WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS IN TEXAS, AND THIS IS OUR ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME , SO OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Thank you for your interest in We Peddle Medal. Check out our other sections filled with many different cast iron decor items to choose from. . We no longer ship to Puerto Rico or any of the Protectorates. We also do not ship Internationally. Fast Delivery in 1 to 3 business days. (Some delays may occur during heavy holiday shopping delivery days.) We ship most items via FedEx or UPS. Please do not use a PO box for your address. Thank you