Large White Wedding Seashells - 2 pounds

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2 pounds of Premium quality white seashells. Large size range. There are approximately 75 to 85 seashells per pound. Great to use as tabletop decor, vase fillers, shell crafts, seashell flower bouquets, wedding decor and more.  (vase shown is for reference only, not included in the order)

Approximate size range is 1 1/4 inch to 3 1/4 inch.  Sizes may vary slightly. These are natural seashells.

You will not receive the exact seashells as shown in the pictures but those of equal or greater quality.  We do not sort for custom sizes or shapes.  These are pre-bagged and ready to ship at a great value.
Seashells are a product of nature and no two are alike.  There may be slight blemishes or differences.  (Just as mother nature intended.)  This does not diminish the value or usability.
All our seashells are inspected prior to shipping to ensure that only the best seashells are sent to you. All our seashells are good quality and craft ready. We do not send broken seashells. These are packed with the utmost care using the best materials and crush-proof boxes.

If you decide you are are not happy with your purchase,  you must return the whole order for a refund.  You can not pick and choose which seashells you want to keep and return the rest.

We do not sell specimen, museum quality seashells. We sell good quality craft or display seashells only.  Slight blemishes or variations in color are to be expected but in no way diminish value or impair usability.  We have over 50 years experience as collectors and shell crafters and know the quality you are expecting. Entire order must be returned for exchange or refund.  Please contact us for quantities larger than listed.



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