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Flat drilled Seashells / Pectin Sticks / average size range 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch / Natural and dyed colors, EX-03

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7 to 8 ounces (per package) of pre-drilled craft quality dyed pectin seashells sticks for seashell crafting. There is a pre-drilled hole on each end. Approximate size range is 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch. These pectin stick seashells are dyed. These are great for jewelry, mobiles and more. Sizes are approximate as these are a product of mother nature and may vary slightly. Slight blemishes or variations in color are to be expected but in no way diminish value or impair usability. These are exactly as poured out of the bag, not posed or photo shopped. Please don't ask us for a count or any custom sorts for sizes or color ranges. These are pre-bagged and sold by weight for the best value. We do not sell specimen, museum quality seashells. We sell good quality craft or display seashells only. We have over 50 years experience as collectors and shell crafters and know the quality you are expecting. Entire order must be returned for exchange or refund. Please contact us for quantities larger than listed. If you decide to return the order, you must return the complete order. You can not pick and choose which shells you want. If we receive less than the complete order back, we are not required to refund you. Our cast iron products are made in China, housed and shipped by Texans in USA. I am sorry but we do not ship to Puerto Rico and the Protectorates. We also do not ship Internationally.

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