Old World European Wall Cross Collection, Cast Iron, Sheridan Collection - 12 crosses

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Decorate your home with this eclectic mix of old world cast iron crosses. 12 pieces total. Solid Cast Iron.

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These are sturdy and made of solid cast iron. Great to hang as is or you can paint and bling to match your decor theme.

The smallest cross 5 3/8" tall and the largest is 10" tall. If you group together, they will need a 22 inch space on your wall. These are also great to hang individually or to gift to friends. These are great for craft and woodworking projects. You can easily paint and bling to your preference. Attac to pieces of wood for a rustic look.

They are hand-cast and filled with old-world rustic charm.

They are perfect to paint and bling to your style.

These are finished in a variety of colors which inhibits rust. You can easily paint them to the color of your choice. Spray paints work great.

These are hand cast and the mounting holes may vary in location from piece to piece. This does not affect the ability to mount them properly.

C-8, 9, 10, 62, 40, 31, 30, C-1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s (12 crosses total)



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