Sea Shell Driftwood Beach Rope

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Very large seashell beach rope / garland adorned with driftwood, oyster shells, colorful pecten shells and unique seashells. Great to hang in your entryway, around your windows, on your mantle, use as a tabletop runner... looks fabulous in patio, tiki bar or pergola.

Strung together on an extremely heavy duty cord to hold the weight. the support cord is 80 pound tested and has wire embedded in the plastic. It's the very best cord available to hold these heavy seashells. Convenient loop on top for sturdy hanging.

Approximate size range averages between 60 inches and 64 inches. Each hand-crafted garland will vary slightly between this range.

Handmade in America by Americans in the Big Piney Woods of Southeast Texas. Each one of these beach ropes / garlands is hand-crafted by our very own "Shorely Yours" family, a small Texas based American company.

We do not sort for custom colors, size ranges or specific seashells. Each one is hand-crafted with different selections of natural seashells, shells and driftwood.

You will not receive the exact one as shown in the photo, but one of equal or greater quality. These are a product of mother nature and each one is unique.

We do not sell specimen, museum-quality seashells. We sell good quality craft or display seashells only. Slight blemishes or variations in color are to be expected but in no way diminish value or impair usability. We have over 50 years of experience as collectors and seashell crafters and know the quality you are expecting.



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