California Mission Custom Entry Door Hardware Hammered Clavos 1 inch, Free Shipping, CL-1 inch

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California Mission Design Custom Entry Door Hardware HammeredHammered Steel Round Head Clavos. 1 inch Clavos for DIY projects. Use on doors, gates, shutters, frames and more. These clavos are perfect for a rustic Spanish Mission look for your DIY project.

Clavos are 1 inch across. The clavo stem is 3/4 inch to 7/8 inch.

These are hand forged steel clavos with a round hammered head.  Each stem is individually welded.  These are not machine made and each one is unique.  Stems may bend slightly during shipment.

To apply, we recommend you drill a pilot hole then use a rubber mallet to tap in.

These clavos are raw steel and unfinished.  They will rust over a period of time.  You can use a spray sealer if you like the raw look.  If you prefer a color, we recommend you use a Rustoleum type of spray paint.



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